Here are a few more images that I have added to my Instagram as part of the #frame project. It has been interesting looking at objects around me and trying to find something that fits into this mini project. It has certainly made me more alert to what is around me.

Image Image Image Image

All images © Richard Brochu-Williams, All rights reserved.

#frame #maphoto #uhcreatives

I am happy with the images that I have uploaded to Instagram and I feel that they meet the brief that we were given as a group. I hope to find some more suitable images before the hand in date (30th April, 2014). My particular favourites out of the above 4, are the first image and the last. The first image I think captures and frames the landscape well and it runs along with the current theme of landscapes that I have been working on. The last image I like because of its abstract look and I am fond of the colour and the patterns within the image.


Instagram.com, (2014). brochuwilliamsphotography on Instagram. [online] Available at: http://instagram.com/brochuwilliamsphotography [Accessed 25 Apr. 2014].

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