MA Photographic Media


So, the holidays are over and it’s back to work. I am now embarking on an MA in Photographic Media and the course will take me through to next September. The number of students is considerably less than that of my Bachelors Degree, which is a good thing, as we will have more one to one sessions with our tutors and overall I feel that it will be a much more rewarding and richer experience.

Already we have been given assignments and we are having to think about what it is that we are wanting to do as our Major Project.

Practice 1 (Media)

As part of our Practice 1 (Media) we have to produce a portfolio of work covering two distinct themes and then take one of the themes and develop it further, this will be an ongoing process and should prove interesting. As part of all the modules that we are set we have to keep a blog to document the work that we have undertaken.

A five minute presentation is also required, this will contextualise our practice and show what we have learnt during the course of the module and how we have developed our ideas. For this I will produce a “Prezi” presentation to aid me, as I prefer this as a presentation style as opposed to using Powerpoint.

I will be looking at my influences and inspirations and recent work in the field that I have chosen and discuss why these images have made an impression on me. I will also be looking into how the practice has evolved and developed through time and assessing the things that I have learnt from my research.

Research & Enquiry

For this module I will be researching and looking at texts that are relevant to photography, this will help in thinking about the work that a photographer actually does and considering “why” as opposed to “how”. This work will take the form of an annotated bibliography and a detailed critical analysis of one section of one text (1000 words)………

…..let the research begin!!!

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