Portraiture Photography

Underwater Portraiture

Portraiture photography is a genre of photography that I have only just recently been attracted to. When I began studying photography 5 years ago I viewed it with some contempt (it would conjure up images of old school photographs and photos used for identification purposes) but as time has gone on and I have done more research and experimentation on the subject, I have begun to view it through different eyes and with a new perspective.

I recently came across the work of an artist named Elena Kalis and I have to say that her work is absolutely eye catching. Elena specialises in underwater photography, something that I have only touched the surface of in the past but would like to try again in the future. Elena Kalis is based in the Bahamas so has the ideal setting for these types of images.

A small selection of Elena’s work

Elena Kalis Photo. 2013. Home – Underwater Photography. [online] Available at: http://www.elenakalisphoto.com/ [Accessed: 27 October 2013].

Elena Kalis Photography

Images © Elena Kalis

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