Artist Research – Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson is an artist/photographer from Sydney, Australia. In the past she has worked in film and television creating visual effects and has worked for films such as Moulin Rouge & Harry Potter. Her work has presented her with the opportunity to travel worldwide but she has since returned back to her own studio and dedicates much of her time to her own practice.

The work that I was intrigued by was from a series called “Future Memories”. The images within the series are compiled from many images that are stitched together and contain many assembled details.

Cloverdowns, © Catherine Nelson

Cloverdowns, © Catherine Nelson

Coast, © Catherine Nelson

Coast, © Catherine Nelson

Forster, © Catherine Nelson

Forster, © Catherine Nelson

Ghent, Lillies, © Catherine Nelson

Ghent, Lillies, © Catherine Nelson

All images © Catherine Nelson. All rights reserved.

These images are different to the other “small planet” images that I have viewed in the past, in the sense that they have a more dreamlike quality to them and they look as though they could have been painted rather than photographed. This may be due to the fact that Catherine studied Fine Arts and this could be an influence on the overall finished look. This is a look that I think works well and gives the images a more serene & surreal quality to them.

This series looks at what could possibly be “memories” of our planet sometime in the future. With concerns on environmental issues, overdeveloping, the cutting down of forests etc, we are destroying the planet at an alarming rate. These images could serve as a warning that if we do not act now that images such as these will truly be only memories. I really like the concept behind these images and I think that they really serve their purpose.

Catherine’s work is inspiring not only by the images being works of art in their own right but because of the concepts behind them. Catherine’s work can be viewed on her website.


Nelson, C. (2014). Catherine Nelson – Visual Artist. [online] Catherine Nelson – Visual Artist. Available at: [Accessed 12 Jun. 2014].

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