Hugin Process

As I have a memory like a sieve, I have decided to place on my blog the process and steps that I have used in my experimentations with the Hugin software, therefore giving me a point of reference in the future.



> Open Image > Set to Equirectangular & 360º


> Open in Assistant


> Projection Tab > Set to Stereographic


> Move & Drag Tab > Set Pitch to 90 > Click Apply


> View & Position


> Move & Rotate as Desired


> Open Panorama Editor


> Open Stitcher > Make Adjustments > Stitch!


Hopefully now I should remember!  It has been an interesting learning curve getting to grips with this new software and learning all the new terms that I have come across…such as Yaw, Pitch & Roll. I had no idea what they meant until today… after having done some research. I shall not bore you with all the technical terms.

Had a play around today too with some other filters, just to see what I could achieve. Haven’t had the opportunity as of yet to obtain some new panoramas, therefore I have just been playing around with the one I have already created.



Experimenting with the “Mercator”


“Stereographic” but with a “Tunnel Effect” as opposed to the usual “Small Planet”

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