Seals at Waxham Beach

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The New Year has arrived and at the weekend I decided that I would take a journey to the coast and dust off my camera. It was a wonderful opportunity to witness the seals and to capture some images. I had initially intended to visit Horsey Beach which is one of the many unspoilt and wonderfully quiet sandy Norfolk beaches on the east coast of the UK but when I arrived the car park was full and there was a long queue of cars waiting to get in. At this point I was tempted to drive away and head back home, but my travelling companion suggested that we drove on further and see if we could possibly park up further along the coast….then BINGO! We arrived at Waxham, a few miles up the road from Horsey. I didn’t hold much hope for seeing any seals and when we walked onto the beach, it was deserted…no people & no seals.

Walking along the beach on a mild January afternoon was a pleasure in itself but after 10 minutes of walking we could see what looked like big rocks in the distance. I changed the lens on my camera to my 200mm and could see that what initially appeared to be rocks  were in fact seals…the long journey had been worthwhile after all.

It was a real pleasure being able to photograph these seals, it is so much nicer to photograph an animal in its natural surroundings as opposed to a zoo and I think that the images look far superior. An enjoyable afternoon and I would urge anyone to visit who is near the area and has a keen interest in nature and wildlife.


Waxham Beach – Explore Norfolk


© Richard Brochu-Williams, 2016, All rights reserved.



Nature, Wildlife & Landscape Photography – Sri Lanka

Today I received a very kind and generous offer; to visit Sri Lanka and have the opportunity to photograph the Sri Lankan nature, wildlife and landscape. I enjoy taking pictures of animals but most of the time this is within the setting of a zoo and it would be nice to capture wildlife within it’s own natural habitat. Of course I will have to fit this in around my university studies and commitments but I don’t see this being too much of a problem as an opportunity like this does not come by often and the experience would be invaluable and I’m sure that the university and my tutors would support me.

I have been invited by a long time family friend Don Hapuarachchi (also family) whose nephew Nadika Hapuarachchi is South East Asia’s number one wild life photographer. He published his first book which is sponsored by Sri Lankas leading bank earlier this year at the Lionel Wendt theatre in Colombo where over a thousand dignitaries attended and his work can be seen at


Nadika Hapuarachchi & The Prince of Wales


Invite to Sri Lanka

Many Thanks to Don Hapuarachchi 🙂

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