Bourne Mill, Essex

Not wanting to waste an opportunity of soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the great outdoors during this glorious spell of weather that we have at present, I decided to visit Bourne Mill in Colchester. A quaint water mill with a history dating back over 1000 years. A great retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the historic town of Colchester.


Bourne Mill



Inside the Mill





Then a quick drive to Copt Hall Marshes…





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Instagram #Picnicification

As part of our Instagram project, we have been given the hashtag #picnification, a made up word summing up everything to do with picnics. Here is a small selection of images that have been added to my instagram account and I hope to be adding more to the collection soon. You can check out my Instagram account here:

Packed Lunch

© Richard Brochu-Williams

Salt & Pepper

© Richard Brochu-Williams


© Richard Brochu-Williams

Picnic Lunch

© Richard Brochu-Williams


© Richard Brochu-Williams

Profiterole Dessert

© Richard Brochu-Williams


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Planning Visit to Hatfield House

Today the MA Photographic Media group met up to arrange a photo shoot session at Hatfield House. We will be visiting the property next month with our camera equipment and a variety of props and we will be creating images that somehow relate to or reflect on the theme that we have selected for our Major Project. This will be quite a challenge as we are all working on different genres of photography.

Alongside this we will be producing more images for our Instagram project. We will be using the hashtag #picnicification. We are organising a picnic for the day, so as well as capturing some images, we will be enjoying a nice picnic…so long as the British weather holds up.

I have looked on the Hatfield House website and the gardens and surrounding views look impressive and I hope to gain some nice images from this day out. I believe that as a group we will benefit from this and can learn from one another and gain some inspiration.


Hatfield House


West Garden




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