Nature, Wildlife & Landscape Photography – Sri Lanka

Today I received a very kind and generous offer; to visit Sri Lanka and have the opportunity to photograph the Sri Lankan nature, wildlife and landscape. I enjoy taking pictures of animals but most of the time this is within the setting of a zoo and it would be nice to capture wildlife within it’s own natural habitat. Of course I will have to fit this in around my university studies and commitments but I don’t see this being too much of a problem as an opportunity like this does not come by often and the experience would be invaluable and I’m sure that the university and my tutors would support me.

I have been invited by a long time family friend Don Hapuarachchi (also family) whose nephew Nadika Hapuarachchi is South East Asia’s number one wild life photographer. He published his first book which is sponsored by Sri Lankas leading bank earlier this year at the Lionel Wendt theatre in Colombo where over a thousand dignitaries attended and his work can be seen at


Nadika Hapuarachchi & The Prince of Wales


Invite to Sri Lanka

Many Thanks to Don Hapuarachchi 🙂

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