Planning for Location Shoot

Usually when I plan a day out, I look for somewhere that is calm, serene and where I can enjoy some unspoilt views but this will be a trip of a different kind. I have been scouting for areas that would be considered by many to be eyesores. This will form part of my experimentation for my final project. I have decided that I want to look for landscapes that could initially be deemed as unsightly and my plan is to turn them into new works of beauty and intrigue, giving the viewer a whole new look and perspective onto that particular landscape, opening their mind and allowing them to discover new elements within the image.

Places of interest

Burwell Substation, Cambridgeshire


Burwell Substation, © Keith Edkins


Burwell Main Substation, © Keith Edkins

The Burwell Substation is located near to me and will be a good place to photograph for my experimentation. If for any reason I need to return to take more pictures, I will not have far to travel.

Sizewell A & B, Suffolk

Sizewell A & B, © Ivor Branton


Sizewell A & B. Google Maps


Cambridge – Sizewell. Google Maps

Dungeness, Kent


Dungeness B Power Station, © Public Domain


Dungeness. Google Maps


Cambridge – Dungeness. Google Maps

Each shoot will take up a day but hopefully I will obtain enough images from each to produce good quality panoramas. I will make sure that I take plenty of pictures once I am at the locations so that there will be no need for me to return. I hope to be shooting in these locations from the beginning of next week.


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