Planning Folder Sign Off

Today was the day that we had our Planning Folder reviewed by our tutors and I was hoping to have it signed off today. In principle, everything was in order but there were a few amendments that had to be made before it could be signed off officially. Therefore, I came home and made the necessary amendments and now everything should be in order.

The things that had to be amended were:

The Time Management Plan – Research had to be broken down into either technical or artist research.

The Learning Outcome Matrix – This had to be slightly amended to show exactly where I would be evidencing the work that was required.

And finally a description in the Project Deliverables to explain exactly how I would be showcasing my work. I am going to be displaying 6 separate images accompanied by a catalogue with some descriptive text on each of the images.



Time Management

Time Management Chart





Above is the Time Management Chart and Time Management Plan that I devised and shall be working by.


Whilst developing my Time Management Plan, I have considered any changes or circumstances that may arise. I have allocated all day for Tuesdays as the Photography Seminars but as these do NOT take place EVERY Tuesday, I will have sufficient time catch up on anything that needs to be done. Luckily I do not have to rely on models or studio booking times, but the weather is something that will play an important factor on when I can shoot. Hopefully at this time of year we will have enough good days in which I will have ample opportunity to get out and do my shoots.