“Everyday’s a Picnic!” Exhibition



The “Everyday’s a Picnic!” exhibition is now showing in The Foyer (FMM Building) at the University of Hertfordshire and will be on until September 25th 2014.

“Everyday’s a Picnic!”

Following our day out at Hatfield House, the University of Hertfordshire has decided to exhibit the images that we obtained. The Exhibition commences 5th August and will continue through to 25th September 2014.

The exhibition is entitled “Everyday’s a Picnic!” and is a showcase from the following artists:


  • Richard Brochu-Williams
  • Ziyang Chen
  • Beth Coles
  • Gareth Evans
  • Matt MacPake
  • Lisa Mason




Hatfield House Picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a picnic, if not a little hot. We had the pleasure of meeting up in the park at Hatfield House and setting up a picnic to be photographed. This was a side project and was not strictly related to the work that we were producing for our final major project but it enabled us to bond as a group and gave us the opportunity to try and incorporate some of the styles, methodologies and techniques that we would be using within our major project. I decided to capture a 360º panoramic shot of Hatfield House and project this as a stereographic image.

Hatfield House - Stereographic

Hatfield House – Stereographic © Richard Brochu-Williams

Hatfield House - Equirectangular

Hatfield House – Equirectangular © Richard Brochu-Williams

This was also a good opportunity to capture more images to form part of our Instagram mini project (#picnicification). These can be seen below and also viewed at instagram.com/brochuwilliamsphotography.

All images © Richard Brochu-Williams. All rights reserved.

When we had finished our picnic, I took a walk around the gardens of Hatfield House and took some photographs. There were plenty of sculptures to see and I was pleasantly surprised with how big the gardens actually were.

Instagram #Picnicification

As part of our Instagram project, we have been given the hashtag #picnification, a made up word summing up everything to do with picnics. Here is a small selection of images that have been added to my instagram account and I hope to be adding more to the collection soon. You can check out my Instagram account here: instagram.com/brochuwilliamsphotography

Packed Lunch

© Richard Brochu-Williams

Salt & Pepper

© Richard Brochu-Williams


© Richard Brochu-Williams

Picnic Lunch

© Richard Brochu-Williams


© Richard Brochu-Williams

Profiterole Dessert

© Richard Brochu-Williams


Brochu-Williams, R. (2014). brochuwilliamsphotography on Instagram. [online] Instagram.com. Available at: http://instagram.com/brochuwilliamsphotography [Accessed 5 Jul. 2014].

Planning Visit to Hatfield House

Today the MA Photographic Media group met up to arrange a photo shoot session at Hatfield House. We will be visiting the property next month with our camera equipment and a variety of props and we will be creating images that somehow relate to or reflect on the theme that we have selected for our Major Project. This will be quite a challenge as we are all working on different genres of photography.

Alongside this we will be producing more images for our Instagram project. We will be using the hashtag #picnicification. We are organising a picnic for the day, so as well as capturing some images, we will be enjoying a nice picnic…so long as the British weather holds up.

I have looked on the Hatfield House website and the gardens and surrounding views look impressive and I hope to gain some nice images from this day out. I believe that as a group we will benefit from this and can learn from one another and gain some inspiration.


Hatfield House


West Garden




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