Tomorrow I am looking forward to travelling back to Cornwall after 6 years. I will be there for the best part of a week and will be using this as an opportunity to capture some new landscape images. Whilst packing, I came across my Nikon F80 Camera and some unused film and decided that I will be taking this along with me as well as my standard Nikon D90 DSLR. It will make a nice change to work with film, as I don’t often get the chance.

I have thought about using mixed media, so once I have the film developed, I will be able to scan it to my computer and make any necessary adjustments. I have also thought about doing montages of some sort. I shall see how it goes and decide what to do as I go along.

Fingers crossed that I capture some worthwhile images. Cornwall is certainly a great place for landscape photography and I’m looking forward to the time away!