Research – Kevin Lajoie

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

During my research process I came across some amazing images that had been captured by using Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). This was a genre of photography that I had not encountered before and I was amazed by the images that had been captured. I had seen examples of aerial photography before but this was something that was quite unique. The images that had intrigued me were captured by photographer Kevin Lajoie.

Kevin Lajoie specialises in KAP and has been successfully capturing images in and around the Channel Islands for around the last 6 years and has also made this into a successful business venture. In his interview with for their blog, he goes on describe the techniques and equipment that he uses to create such fantastic images. His Facebook Page is one worth visiting. As well as KAP he also works with images that are obtained by Pole Aerial Photography (PAP). PAP is also known as Elevated Photography and is the process of taking aerial photos using a telescoping pole or mast, or some other aerial or elevated support system, to emulate aerial photographs that can be taken from a commercially licensed aircraft. The benefits of PAP are that it is considerably cheaper than using an aircraft.

Seeing these images makes me want to try the technique out for myself. Maybe this is something I could try out in the future, once I have completed my degree.

The images that have inspired me.

© Aerial-i Photography

© Aerial-i Photography

© Aerial-i Photography

© Aerial-i Photography

© Aerial-i Photography

© Aerial-i Photography

Kevin has been extremely helpful by allowing me to showcase examples of his work on my blog and has provided me with some useful information. The town panorama above, was taken 2 weeks ago from a kite and the other 2 images were captured from a quadcopter on the same morning from a friend’s boat. All 3 are wonderful examples of what can be achieved by using these methods of photography. I highly recommend visiting his Facebook Page as I have been informed that this is the most up to date, you will not be disappointed.

Once again…Thank you Kevin 🙂

All images used with kind permission from © Kevin Lajoie. All rights reserved.

These images illustrate that landscape photography can be different and with some ingenuity and a different perspective, that some really interesting and eye-catching images can be captured. Below are some links to the websites that aided me in this research.


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