Flipagram App

It seems that everywhere that I look, I seem to find another photography app. The latest one I have found is “Flipagram”



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Flipagram is an app that enables you to easily create short video stories using your pictures that can be set to the music you like!

Flipagrams are a new way to create and share your pictures from your Facebook Account, Instagram and Camera Roll photos in a  short/micro video format. Flipagram is a service of Cheerful inc, and is located in Los Angeles, CA. Even though the pictures used are from your Facebook Account, Instagram and Camera Roll, Flipagram states that it is in no way affiliated with with any of these. The Flipagram app is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

I have seen a few on Facebook that my friends have created but I have never actually used it myself, so I do not know too much about it. From what I have seen, the videos last no longer than 10 seconds (I do not know if this can be controlled in the settings) but I guess that this is the point, showing a number of images in an allocated time, much like that of the Vine app, which allows you to post videos of around 10 seconds on a loop and also Instagram now has it’s own version of the micro video of around 15 seconds, but to my knowledge Instagram does not have the facility to add music but I’m sure in time it will evolve. These apps can become one in the same after a while, as they try to compete with one another.

May the best app win!!!

Apps for Photography

Continuing on the theme of photography based apps, I came across an app called “Master your DSLR”. This app may be of interest to some photographers out there, especially amateur photographers who are not au fait with the DSLR. I always find that investigating in to what your camera can do is a good thing. I have often referred back to my manual and thought to myself “Well I never knew my camera did that!” but I find the best way to learn is to experiment with your camera’s functions and capabilities and by talking to other photographers.

I have left a link so that you can check out what the app has to offer. I believe that it retails at £2.99 and is available for download on iPad/iPhone/iPod.


Master your DSLR app

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