Research – Jan Miklín

Jan Miklín

As part of my continuing research into landscape photography I found myself being drawn towards some images that I had come across that were taken by Czech landscape and travel photographer Jan Miklín. Like the images that I have been experimenting with, they have been created by stitching multiple images together. The images have a fantastic quality and feel to them and I particularly like the saturation of colour within the images, it really draws the viewer in to take a closer look.


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 2012, © Jan Miklín

The above image was created using 6 vertical shots that were stitched together on Photoshop. Even when viewing this image at full size, the stitching is seamless. This is something that I still need to be practising, and it is from images such as these that I take my inspiration from.


Pangong Tso, India, 2010, © Jan Miklín

I absolutely love the contrast between the blue and the green within this image and in my opinion the composition works really well.


Ko Yao Noi, Thailand, © Jan Miklín

A simple image, but again the composition works well. The boat is off centre which gives it the sense of movement and that it is travelling somewhere. The purple gives the image a calm and serene fell and I especially like the reflection of the moon within the water.


Ko Adang, Thailand, © Jan Miklín

All Images are © Jan Miklín. All rights reserved

Jan Miklín has a wonderful portfolio of work on his website, which is well worth a visit.


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