Landscape Photography

As well as looking at portraiture photography, I have also been looking at landscapes. Landscape photography has always fascinated me and I have always found it to be very beautiful (well, most of the time). In all my years, I have seen many appealing examples of landscape photography, from some of the first black and white film images made by Ansel Adams to the more colourful and more contemporary images from Galen Rowell.


© Ansel Adams

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© Galen Rowell

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Hengki Koentjoro

An artist that I have come across in recent years is Hengki Koentjoro. A lot of his images are in black and white and in a square format, much like that of an instagram. Some of the images in my opinion could be compared to those of Ansel Adams in the fact that not only are they in black and white but some are very simplistic in their nature which I find as a viewer very appealing as the brain is not over bombarded with information and it allows us to appreciate the image for what it is……..beautiful!

I like the fact that the images are in a square format which breaks away from the traditional landscape format. It leaves you to make up your own mind with what is going on outside of the frame.


Above images © Hengki Koentjoro, All rights reserved

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These are the kinds of landscape images I would be interested in experimenting with.


Photographers BEWARE

This kind of thing is becoming more prevalent in the digital age, it is important that as photographers we protect ourselves from this kind of copyright infringement!!!