Ready for Assessment

I have spent much of this morning putting up my images and I am pleased with the way that they look. I had a few hiccups along the way with aligning them correctly and making sure that they were straight but I seem to have overcome this now.



Now all that is left to do is to give my presentation later this afternoon. Hopefully my nerves will not get in the way!

Finals & Artist Statement

Anthropogenic Impact on the Environment



For this project I have decided to concentrate on the theme of landscapes, a subject that I am passionate about. Each of the 6 images shows a “stereographical” interpretation of a particular type of landscape.

I have chosen to photograph landscapes that are not conventionally perceived as beautiful and have moulded them with the aid of digital manipulation to make them unapologetically abstract and give the viewer a new take on the landscape that they have been invited to view.

The images show a compacted landscape, an encapsulated environment and I chose to make them spherical to convey a planet. Each image in turn shows man’s influence within each landscape and how as a species we are changing the environment around us to our own advantage and means.

These images are not meant to convey either a positive or a negative message, just an interpretation of how we are shaping the environment around us.


Richard Brochu-Williams

Dungeness Power Station, Kent, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams

West Cambridge Site, University of Cambridge, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams

Sheltered Scheme, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams

Rickney’s Quarry, Nr Ware, Hertfordshire, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams

Madingley Reservoir (Covered), Cambridgeshire, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams

Sizewell A & B, Suffolk, 2014 © Richard Brochu-Williams


Assessment Set-Up

Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow is the day when I shall be giving my presentation which will present and evaluate my artefact and the work that I have undertaken for this Major Project over the last couple of months. It’s hard to believe that after tomorrow, 6 years of photographic studies will have come to an end. The last 6 years have gone by so quickly but it has been a pleasure (most of the time) to undertake study in a subject that I have such an interest and passion for.

I spent this morning clearing, tidying and preparing my space ready to exhibit my work ready for assessment at 4pm tomorrow. Everything seems to be going according to plan, I just need to put the images on the wall and I shall do this before my presentation at 2.45pm tomorrow. I am happy that I have also managed to hand in my supporting work today…1 whole day before the deadline, now my shoulders feel a little lighter.

Name Sign & Artist Statement

Setting Up

Ready to go!

Walls before painting

Walls painted

I shall be posting pictures of the finished exhibition on the blog tomorrow! Now time to practice for the presentation.

Printing & Framing (2), Preparing for Assessment

Today has been a productive day with regards to preparing my final images ready for assessment at the beginning of next month. There were a few minor problems with the printing, which was all due to me not sizing my images correctly. All my images had been saved at different sizes and this was causing a problem but the staff at the Document Services were more than helpful and very patient with me. This is something that I will not be making a mistake on again…I have learnt my lesson.



Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire

Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire

Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire

Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire

Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire

Document Services at The University of Hertfordshire



I am more than happy with the prints that I have obtained and I spent the rest of the afternoon framing my images and I feel that they work well with the frames that I have chosen.





Framing my Images

Framing my Images

Assessing my Framing

Assessing my Framing


Tomorrow I will be attending the University for the last of the group teaching sessions for the Major Study modules. We will be looking at our Reflection and Evaluation and making sure that we meet the demands of the assessment process. I am hoping that tomorrow will be as productive as today and that from tomorrow I will be able to dedicate my time to producing the presentation that I will be giving on the 2nd or 3rd September.


Printing & Framing

Now that I have my final images for the exhibition, I have had to consider where I will be getting my images printed. My tutor suggested that I should try the reprographics at the University of Hertfordshire, which is located behind the Film, Music & Media Building in the Document Services Department. I took along some samples of my work to see what results I would get with the different types of paper and I was pleasantly surprised, not only with the quality of the printouts but also the price.

I have decided that I will be using the reprographic department at the university as it will be beneficial to me, not only in cost but it will also allow me to have the prints on the same day and I will not have to send off for them and rely on the postal service. There is also the added benefit of being able to place the prints directly into the frames, decreasing the chances of the prints being ruined during transit.

Today I spent most of my time travelling to look at suitable frames. I already had an idea of the type of frame that I was after, and today I was on a mission to find a frame that lived up to my expectations. The frames that I had in mind for showcasing my work had to meet the following criteria:

  • Box type frame
  • White
  • A3 in size (min)

A3 White Frame for the Assessment & Exhibition (x6)

The reason that I wanted white frames was because the walls that the frames will be hanging on will also be white and I wanted the frames to blend into the wall and the background, so that the frames did not detract from my image. I wanted the images to have a kind of floating look and feel to them, as if my images (small planets) were occupying their own space just as a real planet would. I will not get a true feel for how they will look until I have framed and mounted them, but I remain hopeful. I will be in university on Tuesday to have the remaining 5 of my images printed and I shall be framing them on site. Once these have been framed I can then go on to write my evaluation and to concentrate on producing my presentation that I will be giving on the 2nd September.

References, (2014). Document services | Brand Guidelines. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Aug. 2014].

Finals for MA Exhibition

After much deliberation, I have now chosen my final images for the MA Exhibition which will be taking place in October at the University of Hertfordshire. I have 6 images in total and these will be submitted for assessment alongside my artist statement and evaluation. After the assessment has taken place, I shall be deciding whether or not to exhibit all 6 or a smaller selection. Once they have been printed and framed this decision will be a lot easier to make, this will give me a chance to see how they work together as a collection.

Time seems to have passed by so quickly and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time left to get everything done and completed, but this is where my time management will be of the upmost importance. I still need to make some final adjustments and edits to a couple of the images but this should not take long.

The Photoshop tutorials with Holger Pooten have proved invaluable and he has widened my scope with my current project and I shall be experimenting with some new methods and techniques that he has shown me, to create some new and interesting landscapes. I shall be blogging about these techniques on a later post.

Overall I am feeling a lot more positive about the coming weeks.

“Everyday’s a Picnic!”

Following our day out at Hatfield House, the University of Hertfordshire has decided to exhibit the images that we obtained. The Exhibition commences 5th August and will continue through to 25th September 2014.

The exhibition is entitled “Everyday’s a Picnic!” and is a showcase from the following artists:


  • Richard Brochu-Williams
  • Ziyang Chen
  • Beth Coles
  • Gareth Evans
  • Matt MacPake
  • Lisa Mason




Practice 2 (Media)

After a nice break for Christmas, it’s now back to the grindstone. I am now embarking on a new assignment within a group as part of a interdisciplinary project. This involves working with a  team and carrying out research then designing an artefact that will be shown at a public exhibition at The Art & Design Gallery, College Lane Campus, University of Hertfordshire on 11th February 2014 at 6.30pm. As we are a group of students from different disciplines, this should prove to be an exciting and intensive experience, allowing us all to contribute to the project in different ways. We will be creating a light projector of some sorts, we still have a lot more research and planning to carry out.

The group consists of:

  • MA Animation (Shreeya Dixit)
  • MA Film & T.V (Armstrong Lian)
  • MA Fine Art (Alex Devlin)
  • MA Games Art (Ozy Ikhine)
  • MA Photographic Media (Richard Brochu-Williams)

Our progress can be followed via the link to the Blog below:

“My Coton” Photography Exhibition

The Photography Exhibition at St Peter’s church is finally over and I had some positive feedback, which is always a plus.

Now looking into doing some new projects and I have a few in mind, just need to find the time to get started on them. Hopefully that will keep me busy during the summer holidays… this space….. 🙂


© Richard Brochu-Williams, 2013
All rights reserved

‘My Coton’ Photographic Exhibition

St Peter's Church, Coton

© Richard Brochu-Williams, 2013
All rights reserved

I have decided to enter a photograph into an exhibition at St Peters Church in the village of Coton in Cambridge. It’s not a competition, just a way of showcasing work, and a good way to spend my time during my summer vacations until I embark on my MA Photography Degree.

The image I have chosen is one of my older images but I feel it is suitable for the exhibition and it is an image that I was particularly pleased with when I produced it for my FMP project for my National Diploma. Sometimes older is better!

‘My Coton’ Photographic Exhibition 

To coincide with the Cream Teas there will be a photographic exhibition in the church on June 22nd/23rd with the general title ‘My Coton’.
Photographs will be in the following categories: –

  1. Ecological Coton
  2. Coton on the wild side
  3. Coton Community
  4. Coton through the seasons (a set of 4)
  5. Coton characters
  6. Coton through time

This is an exhibition to see how as many people as possible see Coton.

Coton Cream Teas 
This year Cream Teas on the village Green will be on June 23rd. Please mark this weekend in your diary and come and enjoy the Cream Teas and the Photographic Exhibition in the church as well.