‘My Coton’ Photographic Exhibition

St Peter's Church, Coton

© Richard Brochu-Williams, 2013
All rights reserved

I have decided to enter a photograph into an exhibition at St Peters Church in the village of Coton in Cambridge. It’s not a competition, just a way of showcasing work, and a good way to spend my time during my summer vacations until I embark on my MA Photography Degree.

The image I have chosen is one of my older images but I feel it is suitable for the exhibition and it is an image that I was particularly pleased with when I produced it for my FMP project for my National Diploma. Sometimes older is better!

‘My Coton’ Photographic Exhibition 

To coincide with the Cream Teas there will be a photographic exhibition in the church on June 22nd/23rd with the general title ‘My Coton’.
Photographs will be in the following categories: –

  1. Ecological Coton
  2. Coton on the wild side
  3. Coton Community
  4. Coton through the seasons (a set of 4)
  5. Coton characters
  6. Coton through time

This is an exhibition to see how as many people as possible see Coton.

Coton Cream Teas 
This year Cream Teas on the village Green will be on June 23rd. Please mark this weekend in your diary and come and enjoy the Cream Teas and the Photographic Exhibition in the church as well.