Underwater Photography Training

Yesterday I finally got round to starting my training in underwater photography. This involves taking pictures of young children and babies underwater at swim schools around various locations in the UK.

Yesterday the training was at Tadley in Hampshire. I was relieved to discover that it was for a small group of 20 children. Initially I was observing but I was also given the opportunity to take some shots….no pressure :/. Taking photos under the water is a very different experience to taking photos on dry land. The underwater housing that the camera is encased in takes some getting used to and it feels rather large and bulky, the other obstacle for me to overcome was holding my breath under the water. Holding my breath was not so much of an issue, it was trying to control my movement that I found the most difficult. Even with a weight belt on, I found buoyancy an issue and kept on rising to the water’s surface. Once I had figured out that the best way to deal with this was to do something counterintuitive (breathing out before submerging) I found the whole process a lot easier and was able to gain more control once submerged.

I am looking forward to the next session and just hope that I do not forget any of the technical aspects of the training. The next session will be with a larger group of children and will span over 2 days…a challenge, but something I am looking forward to.

Examples of the images that I am working towards can be seen on the website for the company that I am working for. Enjoy!

Underwater Art by Nicola Gwyther

Underwater Art by Nicola Gwyther

© Nicola Gwyther, Underwater Art by Nicola Gwyther. All rights reserved.


Gwyther, N. (2015). Professional Underwater Photographer baby swimming photos. [online] Underwater-art.co.uk. Available at: http://www.underwater-art.co.uk [Accessed 29 Mar. 2015].

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