Assessment Set-Up

Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow is the day when I shall be giving my presentation which will present and evaluate my artefact and the work that I have undertaken for this Major Project over the last couple of months. It’s hard to believe that after tomorrow, 6 years of photographic studies will have come to an end. The last 6 years have gone by so quickly but it has been a pleasure (most of the time) to undertake study in a subject that I have such an interest and passion for.

I spent this morning clearing, tidying and preparing my space ready to exhibit my work ready for assessment at 4pm tomorrow. Everything seems to be going according to plan, I just need to put the images on the wall and I shall do this before my presentation at 2.45pm tomorrow. I am happy that I have also managed to hand in my supporting work today…1 whole day before the deadline, now my shoulders feel a little lighter.

Name Sign & Artist Statement

Setting Up

Ready to go!

Walls before painting

Walls painted

I shall be posting pictures of the finished exhibition on the blog tomorrow! Now time to practice for the presentation.

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