Artist Inspiration

Taking a look back at previous blog entries, I rediscovered the images of John Davies and found these to be inspiring. John attended the University of Hertfordshire back in March this year and I found his presentation to be of interest and very informative. In hindsight, I can see that by looking at his images, I am able to gain some inspiration for my upcoming shoots. The images that can be seen below are far from what I had initially set out to take but I think that these types of landscapes will work well with my stereographic projections.

The original research I undertook can be found on this link and I have found some more images of John’s that have inspired me. It has also made me think about the possibility of producing black and white imagery.

Swan Roundabout, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2009

Swan Roundabout, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2009 © John Davies

Agecroft Colliery, Salford 1983

Agecroft Colliery, Salford 1983 © John Davies

Slag Heap, Murton, County Durham 1983

Slag Heap, Murton, County Durham 1983 © John Davies

All images © John Davies. All rights reserved.


Davies, J. (2014). John Davies Photographer – home page. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jul. 2014].

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