Test Shoot 2

Yesterday I decided to do another test shoot and this time I was a lot more careful with my settings than I was on my last shoot. I set everything on my camera to manual mode, including the focus. The following settings were used:

  • f/10
  • 1/125s
  • 200 iso
  • 12mm focal length

I shot at 4.45pm when the sun was not so bright and luckily for me it was a much cloudier day than my previous shoot.

On this shoot I took a total of 18 pictures but when I tried stitching them together I was coming up against a lot of problems. I reassessed the images and decided that 2 of them were not required and omitted them, which left me with a total of 16 images to stitch together. This was the same amount that I used for my last panoramic image, therefore I think that I have found that 16 is the ideal number of images to be working with.

I came up with a few more problems whilst working on this stitch and it took me a total of 4 attempts but overall I found the process easier.


Stitching process.


Image stitched, ready for 180º rotation and to be worked on in Photoshop.


Image placed into Photoshop. As you can see, after the stitching process the image does not line up correctly. This is corrected in photoshop with the use of the clone tool.


Finally, you will notice that the water fountain has not lined up correctly and will need to be worked on.


This is done by copying the fountain from the original image, resizing it and placing it over the incorrectly lined up fountain.


The fountain is then blended in by colour matching the grass and using a mask.


The image is then enhanced by adjusting the levels, highlights, shadows and saturation.


The image is then turned from a 360º equirectangular to a stereographic image.


I am a lot happier with the outcome of this image than the image that i took the week before. My highlights are not blown out and I feel that I have edited this image to a higher standard. I particularly like the cloud details within this image as they make it look less flat. I am pleased that I have made progress and hope that as each day passes, that my images will improve even more.

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