Plans, Ideas and Concepts

Today I have been giving consideration as to where I want to do my shoots for my project. I have been thinking along the lines of places that I like to visit and seek refuge in. I like to take a drive at the weekend, usually to the countryside, so that I can escape the hustle & bustle of the city and escape the stresses of the week. Favourite places of mine to visit are English Heritage properties and those of the National Trust. After looking at other photographers who have captured landscapes, I have certainly been inspired to capture images within a country setting. Catherine Nelson’s images have really inspired me to go forward with this idea.

I will be taking my camera out with me tomorrow and doing some more shoots, as I definitely need more practice taking the shots and making sure that I get my exposure correct and I definitely need more practice on the software. From here I will be able to access if this is the best way forward.

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