Practice Shoot

Now that I have my Planning Folder completed and ready for hand-in, I have decided that I am going to do a practice shoot tomorrow, so that I can re-familiarise myself with the software that I will be using to create my stereographical images.

For my Final Major Project I have decided to explore landscapes and places that are in someway of importance to myself. I will be looking at the areas in which I live, work and study in, and also the places that I enjoy visiting.

Instead of capturing the images as they are seen through the lens, I will be manipulating them in postproduction to create an entirely new and original image that will enable the viewer to observe the landscape in an entirely different and unique way. Each image will be a stereographic representation of the landscape.

These will be created by using 360º equirectangular panoramic images. I am aiming to create 6 images for the exhibition and these will be displayed as separate images. I will be experimenting with the layout and if I decide that the images work better as a combined piece of work, then consolidation of the images into one final piece could be another option. This all depends on the images that I manage to capture and which idea will showcase my work to its full potential.

I am hoping that the weather will be kind to me and I am looking forward to my shoot tomorrow.


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