Coastal Landscapes

I found an article that was of particular interest to me, as it covered a topic that I have recently been working on. It covers tips and ideas on how to capture a dramatic coastal picture.


Digital Photo | May 2014

The image featured is by Guy Edwardes who is a professional landscape, travel and wildlife photographer based in South West England. Edwardes provides a wide variety of images for publishers and advertisers around the world and his images are of high quality and are creative and atmospheric. The picture was shot in Embleton Bay and shows the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle at dawn. The foreground of the image was sharpened during post production.


Dunstanburgh Castle, © Guy Edwardes, All rights reserved.

The best time of day to shoot a scene such as this is at dawn or dusk, this is the time that the sun floods the landscape with warm and golden light, creating an aesthetically pleasing image. To capture a shot such as this, you will need to extend the shutter speed and set your ISO as low as it will go (typically 100) and set the aperture to the minimum so as to decrease the amount of light let into the camera, then you can set your shutter speed for a long period without the risk of overexposure. It may be necessary to use a Neutral Density (ND) Filter to further reduce the amount of light, allowing for even longer exposure times. A tripod will be essential, especially when shooting with a slow shutter speed.

“Drama is on hand in the form of breaking waves. To capture this energy in your shot, extend your shutter speed”

(Digital Photo, 2014)

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