Shoot a Serene Rural Scene


Digital Photo | May 2014

Here are some more top tips from Digital Photo magazine, this time the emphasis is on rural landscapes. When choosing to shoot a rural landscape (as with any other landscape), it is important to consider the composition of the image. There are 3 main rules of composition, these are:

  • The rule of thirds
  • Lead in lines
  • Foreground interest

The rule of thirds dictates within a frame, the key points of interest are positioned on an intersecting ‘thirds’ line. Lead in lines act as a visual path for the eye and guide the viewer to the point of interest. Foreground interest works by placing something of interest at the bottom of your frame, this welcomes the viewer into the shot and assists the eye on its journey through the image.

Another tip included in the article is “Don’t include too much as it will distract and the viewer’s eye will wander“.

One thing to consider is the time of day that you will be shooting. For the best possible light, you’ll need to shoot shortly after dawn or during the forty minutes before sunset. This will fill your image with warm, golden light, strong contest and sharp sky detail. Using the Aperture priority mode is one of the best ways to use your DSLR for this type of photography. This will give you control over your depth of field, you will want to use a large depth of field so that you can keep all of your details sharp from front to back. Try starting at f/16.

The image featured in the magazine is by photographer Francesco Lacomino and is of a Tuscan landscape early in the morning. The image is inspiring and certainly has a serene look to it. The image can be viewed in larger format here.


© Francesco Lacomino, All rights reserved

References, (2014). Toscana. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Apr. 2014].

Shoot a Serene Landscape. (2014). Digital Photo, (181), pp.30-31.

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