Landscapes – Landing the Best Landscapes


Digital Photo Magazine | May 2014


Digital Photo Magazine | May 2014

I came across more articles on landscape photography in my Digital Photo magazine. The article is very informative and gives comprehensive information and advice on all things “landscape photography” including the best ways to shoot and the best equipment to use.

Equipment and Approach

It is not essential to use specialist equipment but it will certainly help you and make the job a lot easier. The recommended lenses to use are wide angle lenses, typically 10-12mm, this will aid you to frame up a larger angle-of-view than a standard kit lens (18mm +). Taking control of your aperture is also a step forward into capturing a landscape, typically a smaller aperture (f/11-f/22) will help you to capture more detailed and focused shots. Tripods are also recommended, not only will this keep your camera steady to give you the sharpest possible shots but it also helps you consider your framing and your composition more carefully.

In this article they show an image from photographer Marc Adamus. Adamus is a landscape photographer based in Corvallis, Oregon, who specialises in Wilderness Photography. His images are striking and definitely worth a look. I have provided a link to his website here.


Never Ending Light – Boundary Range, BC:Alaska Border. © Marc Adamus

The above image was taken with a 14-24mm wide angle lens. The dodge & burn tool were used in Photoshop to add more drama to the scene. A beautiful image that really captures the mood of the scene.


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