Experimenting with 360º Panoramas continued….

Since my last post I have been trying to get to grips with the new software that I downloaded (Hugin). When I opened it for the first time, sheer panic overcome me, a little bit like the first time I ever opened Photoshop CS2 many years ago. BUT, through sheer stubbornness and a few tutorials and practices, I think I am starting to get the hang of it. To begin with I am just starting with images from my back garden but hope to improve my shooting technique and stitching abilities to obtain some really interesting images from my time away in Cornwall in 2 weeks time. I am finding that I am achieving better stereographic images by using 360º panoramics as opposed to simple edited landscape shots and by using this new software I am able to create higher resolution images, as Photoshop restricted the size of my files whilst I was using Pixel Bender. It was time that I discovered a new software program as Pixel Bender is not available for CS6 and l was having to use my laptop with CS5 to create these images, which was rather annoying.

I shall continue experimenting and hope to get some nicer panoramic shots once the weather improves.



Adding control points


Set to equirectangular




Creating the panorama


Panorama in progress


Stitching completed


Above are the screen shots of the process of creating the panorama in Hugin and below is my completed 360º Panoramic image…much more of an improvement than the last one I created in Photoshop.



© Richard Brochu-Williams


And just for a little bit more experimentation, I decided to try creating a Stereographic image in Hugin as well. I am pleased with the results and look forward to working on some new images soon.



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