Experimenting with 360º Panoramas

Today I have been trying to experiment with 360º panoramic landscapes. There are a few problems that I have come across. The first being that I do not have a fish eye lens but I do have a wide angle lens (12mm) and I do not have a panoramic head but it is still possible to achieve some good results…I just haven’t got them yet.


Nodal Ninja 4, Panoramic Head for tripod

I have been trying out new software (Hugin) but after trying to get to grips with it, watching tutorials and reading online, I have discovered that it is not too user friendly, or I am just simply daft! BUT I will persevere because I am stubborn but will give it a rest for today.


Despite having done stereographic images in the past, I have not done 360º panoramic or equirectangular images, and these are the images that should be used when making stereographic images. I have just used landscape images and photoshopped them, but I would really like to try and do it the correct way and this will also be a new way of photographing for me, so this is a challenge that I am going to set myself.

However, I did manage a 360º panorama, not a very good one, but at least I achieved SOMETHING today. I have stitched the image together but I have not bothered to edit the image as it was just for experimentation.


360º Panoramic Image © Richard Brochu-Williams

Below is an example of how Alexandre Duret-Lutz uses 360º equirectangular panoramic images to create his stereographic (Wee Planet) images.


Stereographic | Equirectangular © Alexandre Duret-Lutz


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