Studio Lighting with Holger Pooton

A couple of weeks ago our MA Photography group was privileged to have a studio session on lighting with photographer Holger Pooton. Holger Pooten is a German born, London based photographer who works internationally to produce both personal and commercial work. His images focus on the transitional and ostensibly impossible moments in a dark and surrealistic style. Over the years, Holger has worked for numerous international clients such as Adidas, BMW, Intel, Nikon, Sony Ericsson, to name a few and his pictures have been featured in magazines such as 125 Magazine, Intersection, Vogue and The Guardian. Current projects include portraiture and landscape photography.

I am particularly interested in Holger’s conceptual images, as I am interested in surrealism and the surreal image. I very much look forward to seeing the images that he produces for his landscape project and hope to draw some inspiration from it.

During our session with Holger, he clearly explained to us how light works and the best way to use light to achieve optimal results for our images. Having a basic knowledge of how light works can really help you when doing a shoot and can save yourself a lot of time. Not only did he talk about studio lighting but he also explained that these principles apply to natural light, so this knowledge is beneficial to an outdoor shoot as well. I found myself understanding the nature of light after this session, as he was very good at explaining it in simplistic terms.

There are only three factors which influence the character of a light source:

– The dimensions of the light emitting surface

– Its ability to direct or diffuse the light

– Its distance from the model


© 2013 Antonio Leanza Companies Ltd


© 2013 Antonio Leanza Companies Ltd


© 2013 Antonio Leanza Companies Ltd


© 2013 Antonio Leanza Companies Ltd

Images taken during the session to demonstrate the different effects that light and its positioning can have on the image.


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