Continuing on my theme of landscape photography, I have pursued my research into various artists covering this genre. Today I came across a photographer by the name of Krzysztof Browko, who lives and works in Opole, Poland. He specialises in the area of landscape photography and I was really captivated by his elegant images. His work is of excellent quality and he seems to be very technical in his approach to image taking. I have chosen three of his images that have left me feeling inspired.


© Krzysztof Browko


© Krzysztof Browko

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 20.20.46

© Krzysztof Browko

All images © Krzysztof Browko. All rights reserved.


Browko Photography. 2014. Krzysztof Browko – Photography. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 29 Mar 2014].

4 thoughts on “Landscapes

    • @denisebushphoto, they are beautiful images but they are not mine, they are images that I have been inspired by. The photographer is Krzysztof Browko and his work can be viewed on his website on the link that I have supplied in the references. I’m glad that you liked them too 🙂

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