More Experimentation with Landscapes

After discussing with tutors on how I can adapt my landscape images and continuing on the theme of abstract, I decided to do a little experimentation with cube planets…not strictly landscapes, but something I wanted to try out after working in the studio last week and photographing a standard globe. We were asked to bring in objects to photograph in the studio and I brought in a globe. The aim of the session was to photograph the object in a new and interesting way and I was quite pleased with how the images turned out.

I hope to get the images from the tutor, so that I can post them to this blog as part of my documentation and methodological process.

Here are some images that I experimented with today:



Image 1
© Richard Brochu-Williams


Image 2
© Richard Brochu-Williams


Image 3
© Richard Brochu-Williams


Image 4
© Richard Brochu-Williams


I’m not too sure how I feel about the added lens flare and I quite like the first image that does not contain it. Out of all of these Images, I feel that images 1 & 3 work the best as I like the composition of these, but I think that they all work well together as a series.

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