Practice 2 (Media)

After a nice break for Christmas, it’s now back to the grindstone. I am now embarking on a new assignment within a group as part of a interdisciplinary project. This involves working with a  team and carrying out research then designing an artefact that will be shown at a public exhibition at The Art & Design Gallery, College Lane Campus, University of Hertfordshire on 11th February 2014 at 6.30pm. As we are a group of students from different disciplines, this should prove to be an exciting and intensive experience, allowing us all to contribute to the project in different ways. We will be creating a light projector of some sorts, we still have a lot more research and planning to carry out.

The group consists of:

  • MA Animation (Shreeya Dixit)
  • MA Film & T.V (Armstrong Lian)
  • MA Fine Art (Alex Devlin)
  • MA Games Art (Ozy Ikhine)
  • MA Photographic Media (Richard Brochu-Williams)

Our progress can be followed via the link to the Blog below:

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