Apps for Photography

Continuing on the theme of photography based apps, I came across an app called “Master your DSLR”. This app may be of interest to some photographers out there, especially amateur photographers who are not au fait with the DSLR. I always find that investigating in to what your camera can do is a good thing. I have often referred back to my manual and thought to myself “Well I never knew my camera did that!” but I find the best way to learn is to experiment with your camera’s functions and capabilities and by talking to other photographers.

I have left a link so that you can check out what the app has to offer. I believe that it retails at £2.99 and is available for download on iPad/iPhone/iPod.


Master your DSLR app

Betterbook. 2014. Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography – Betterbook. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 3 Jan 2014].

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