Photography Trends

I am always amazed by the way that photography is advancing but I am even more amazed by how quickly it is advancing. Since I started seriously studying photography back in 2008, already so much progression has been made and that’s only in the short time of around 5 years.




Photoshop Express



Lots of people nowadays have access to the internet and have tablets and mobile devices which they are able to easily view imagery on. Alongside these mobile devices have come the photography apps, such as; Instagram, Photoshop Express & Snapseed to name but a few, making photography easily accessible to millions of people. Not only can people take photographs with their devices but are able to edit them as well, with the touch screen editing within the apps, adding filters, cropping and changing the complete look of the image then uploading them to social media websites and more.

So is it possible that anyone can be a photographer in today’s digital age or is there still some skill needed to create an image?





One thing that has been declining in recent years is the amount of images that are being printed. Companies such as Blurb have already launched an Instagram book service, but more companies are expected to follow suit and try to cash in on the billions of photos that are circulating around in cyber space. iCloud is a popular online back up system that a lot of people like to use, as this enables the user to access their photo and music files from their other devices with no problem. I personally like to print out my pictures, not all of them, just the one’s that hold special memories to me, such as holidays and birthdays….maybe that is the photographer in me. I like to have something physical that I can interact with.

It’s interesting to look back and see how far photography has come and exciting to see what the future holds for photography.

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Happy Snapping!

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