Abstract Portraiture

Whilst browsing on a well known social media site, I came across a picture that a friend had shared and I found the image fascinating. I had come across images such as this before but this time I felt inspired to try and create my own. My attempt is feeble but this has inspired me to experiment more and create a better image in the future. My image looks a little more abstract and instead of using two images to create the final, I only worked with one. The images are supposed to show a side portrait and a face on portrait within the same image, some work better than others.

I look forward to experimenting with this type of imagery further sometime in the near future.

My Image (& First Attempt)


Fréd – Front & Side
© Richard Brochu-Williams

Image I Was Inspired By.


© Baíki Bk

“Respeite o ponto de vista das pessoas, as vezes estamos vendo a mesma coisa porém de forma diferente…”

“Please respect other people’s point of view, sometimes we see the same thing but differently …”

Bk, B. 2013. Respect Other People’s Point of View. [image online] Available at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492152107560114&set=pb.100002959864531.-2207520000.1388501166.&type=3&theater [Accessed: 31 Dec 2013].

Other Examples:


Source: Unknown Artist

Unknown. 2012. Front or Side Face?. [image online] Available at: http://9bytz.com/front-or-side-face/ [Accessed: 31 Dec 2013].


A Portrait of a Profile
© Mick Nasty

Nasty, M. 2011. A Portrait of a Profile. [image online] Available at: http://twistedsifter.com/2011/05/picture-of-the-day-a-portrait-of-a-profile/ [Accessed: 31 Dec 2013].


Creepy Double Face Illusion
© Coaleu

Coaleau. 2011. Creepy Double Face Illusion. [image online] Available at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Creepy-Double-Face-Illusion/ [Accessed: 31 Dec 2013].

The one thing that put me off of the above image is; that because it is made from a composite of two images, the eye does not look right for a face on (looking straight on) portrait and the side profile has two nostrils. My favourite out of all the images is the black and white image by Baíki Bk, it is well thought out and works spectacularly, I found it quite a challenge trying to create such an image. More practice is required.


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