Film Photography – Landscapes

I finally found myself in the darkroom yesterday with 2 rolls of 35mm black and white film to be developed. I am pleased to say that from looking at the negatives that the images seem to be OK, I have yet to do a contact sheet and hope to have this done by next week. It was nice to be working in the wet processing area again, it feels organic and there are not many people around, so it is nice and quiet and this gives me time to reflect on my work and how I would like to carry it forward. I still have a Medium Format 120 film to be developed from the shoot in Hatfield from Tuesday 26th November.

I will be posting the contacts sheets onto the blog next week, providing all goes to plan. In the meantime I shall be experimenting more with my digital camera.


Loaded Developing Tank – 2 X FP4 125 Ilford film

  • Develop – 8 mins
  • Stop – 1 min
  • Fix – 5 mins
  • Wash – 20 mins
  • Wetting agent – Dip 2-3 X
  • Dry – 30 mins

Film Dryer



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