Creative Photography

X-Rays (Faux)

Who says that photographers can’t be creative? With the recent spell of bad weather, I’ve been unable to go out and shoot landscapes on film or I have just simply not had the time. Therefore I thought to myself, why not try and create some images similar to those of the photographer Nick Veasey who is well renowned for his X-ray imagery. Of course I would not be using X-ray machinery but would be creating the images through the magic of Photoshop. I began a couple of days ago but soon had to give up when the quick release plate on my tripod decided to snap, but I really wanted to shoot something today and had to make do with the equipment that I had available to me. I have a mini tripod but my D90 camera and the 18-200mm lens that I have attached to it are just simply to heavy to be supported, so I came up with a novel way to support the lens…….with a soup can!


Nikon D90 and Soup Can

The set up was crude but this didn’t really matter as this was just an experiment and I didn’t want to spend too long on the set up if the final results didn’t meet my expectations. I decided to photograph fruit and started with a banana then went on to photograph an apple. My final images are far from perfect and I would like to experiment with different objects but overall I was confident enough with the experimentation of one of the final images (The Banana) but less happy with the final outcome of the Apple image, therefore I will not be posting that image. :/


Crude Studio Set-Up

I used a remote flash and a remote control to take the pictures so as not to disturb the camera angle between each shoot.

Below is the final image that I managed to produce. I am not 100% happy with it, but for a first attempt I do not think that it is too bad and hopefully with a little more practice and finding some more interesting subjects to experiment with, that the images will improve.


X-Ray Banana | Experiment

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