Linhof 5×4 Camera

Linhof 5×4


Linhof Manual

As an MA Photography student I am quite embarrassed to say that I have never used a 5×4 format camera until today. It was an eye opening experience and I only managed to take one picture due to the sheer amount of time that it took to set up but hopefully the end image will have been worth the effort. The picture was not of anything grand, just an image of the outside of one of the university buildings but the whole point of todays session was not to capture an award winning photo, just simply to experiment with the equipment. Hopefully I will be developing the negative tomorrow…fingers crossed that it comes out.

We also learned about tilt shift and how this is beneficial to architectural photography and also learned about the scheimpflug principle.

Scheimpflug principle


Diagram of The Sheimpflug Principle

The Scheimpflug principle is a geometric rule that describes the orientation of the plane of focus of an optical system (such as a camera) when the lens plane is not parallel to the image plane. It is commonly applied to the use of camera movements on a view camera.


Front of Linhof Camera


Front of Linhof Camera Showing Aperture & Shutter Speed Values


Side View of Linhof Camera

The above images show the sheer size of the camera. Obviously this camera is most suited to be used with a tripod.


Film That Has Been Inserted


Case with Film Inserted Ready to go onto Camera

The film has to be inserted into the case in complete darkness, the first image shows how the film is inserted into the case but this was just a practice strip so it did not matter that it was being exposed to the light. You will notice the 3 holes on the bottom left hand side, this enables you to know which way the film is to be inserted correctly, ensuring that the emulsion side is facing up.

Lights, Camera , Action (Out on Location)


Innovation Centre | University of Hertfordshire


On Location


On Location

An interesting and informative afternoon. It would be good to work with the 5×4 format camera at a later stage but next time to photograph something other than the buildings around the university. Looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow.

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