Animal Portraiture / Wildlife Photography

Nick Brandt

Today I have turned my attentions back to animal portraiture but unlike the pet portraiture of Rachael Hale McKenna, Nick Brandt’s images are not of pets but images of animals in their natural habitat. These images are very striking and I’m starting to see a theme in the kind of images that I am being drawn to at the moment……..they all seem to be black and white!

There’s something quite enigmatic about the black and white image, you are less likely to be distracted by any contrasting colours which allows you to concentrate solely on the subject within the image and the mono image works well with any genre of photography, but this is only my opinion and others may not necessarily agree.

You can’t help but look at Nick Brandt’s images and be in awe of them.


© Nick Brandt


© Nick Brandt


© Nick Brandt

All Images © Nick Brandt, All rights reserved

Nick Brandt. 2013. Nick Brandt : Photography. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 2 November 2013].

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