Square Format Landscapes

Fay Godwin

A “BIG” Thank You to Tim Parkin who reminded me earlier of the female photographer who made landscape images in a square format, Fay Godwin. It would have taken me forever and a day to track her down.

These images remind me very much of those by Hengki Koentjoro. It was these images that first made me want to try and do landscape photography in this style and format…..but still haven’t got round to it. Maybe when I get this essay out of the way.

Thanks again Tim, you have saved me from a lot of hours of searching.

A couple of examples of Fay Godwin’s work:


© Fay Godwin


© Fay Godwin

Images © Fay Godwin, All rights reserved

Fay Godwin. 2013. Landmarks Book. [online] Available at: http://www.faygodwin.com/landmarks/im05/index.html [Accessed: 30 October 2013].

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