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Portraiture pictures from portfolio
© Richard Brochu-Williams, 2013
All rights reserved

As part of my exhibit at the Photography Degree Show 2013 at the University of Hertfordshire I also exhibited a printed portfolio containing more underwater portraiture. These images can be viewed on my website in the Portraiture section.

I really enjoyed making these images and it would not have been at all possible without the help of Nicola Gwyther (Underwater Art) who helped me immensely and allowed me to use her expensive underwater equipment. I would like take more underwater pictures in the future, maybe in a more natural setting, such as the sea because as a photographer I really enjoy photographing animals and nature and capturing them in their natural habitat. I just need to work hard so that I can afford the necessary equipment :/

Please take a look at my Portraiture page and I hope that you enjoy. Also it’s worth taking a look at the work of Nicola Gwyther, especially if you have young children!

Brochu-Williams Photography

Underwater Art by Nicola Gwyther

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