Light, Magic & Chemicals

Photography & the emergence of the modern world:

As part of our “Why look at Animals?” project we have been considering Alternative Processes that we could use to recreate the images that were taken at the Tring Natural History Museum and on the visits to the zoo.

The two main Alternative Processes that we will be looking at are:

  • Cyanotype
  • Kalitype

Cyanotype Process

The Cyanotype process can be followed from here

Kalitype Process

This is a link to the modern day version, also known as Argyrotype. This new ‘user-friendly’ iron-based silver printing process is a latter-day improvement on the nineteenth century processes of Kallitype, Van Dyke, Sepiaprint, Brownprint or Argentotype. The resulting print has better prospects of endurance and a finer gradation, and may be readily toned.

Example of an artist’s work using the cyanotype process

Anita Chernewski

Anita Chernewski is a New York photographer who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Chernewski’s photography career started in the 1960’s along with her other interests of art, film making, theatre and drama.

Anita says about her work:

“When I looked through my first camera, it was love at first sight. I realized I held a magic box.”

(2010) Alternative Photography. Available at: [Accessed 6 December 2010]

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